4 ports gigabit network switch card

network switch card

4 ports gigabit network switch card

Gigabit network switch card

Country of Origin: China

OEM/ODM accepted

4-port gigabit ethernet switch card


PCIE x1bus, four gigabit RJ-45 switch ports

Built-in one Intel 82583V gigabit ethernet controller

Supports 9KB data packet Jumbo Frame

2048 MAC address, 4096 VLANs table, 32 ACL rules table

Supports VLAN’s QOS mapping and remapping, Forward control

Supports hardware IGMP join or fast leave

Supports MAC and PHY Loopback function

Supports PNP Auto-Crossover, Auto Polarity and Auto-Negotiation.

Supports ports mirror

Supports WindowsXP/2003,Windows7,RedHat and SuSE Linux, Ubuntu, FreeBSD OS