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Touch screen Industrial monitor (PDF file)

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Industrial LCD monitor and touch Screen monitor: 8"--19"LCD, With VGA ,touch screen and rugged panel, for HMI and industrial automation.

Industrial Panel PC and touch computer : 8"--19" LCD, With touch screen, wifi optional, for HMI and industrial automation.

Industrial embedded pc: With rich I/O and for many industrial applications, 8 kinds of embedded computer for your choice.

All in one computer Workstation series: 4U with 8", 8U with 15", 8U with 17"

Industrial PC Chassis: Comprised of 19" 1U, 2U and 4U standardized cases and embedded non-racked industrial enclosures.

Network security platforms(Firewall hardware,network appliances): 2*RJ45, 4*RJ45, 6*RJ45, 5*RJ45+2*SFP, 4*RJ45+4*SFP

Industrial Embedded Motherboard- full /half size SBC, 3.5", 5.25", Mini-ITX, PC 104 and other non-standardized sizes. The non-standardized size motherboard are specially designed for the applications such as POS, network and Car PC etc.

Passive backplane series: ISA, PCI, PCIE

Power supply series: ATX-300W, ATX-400W, 1U ATX-180W, 1U ATX-200W, 2U ATX -400W, 2U ATX-510W, 2U ATX-350W, 2U ATX-500W, 80-150W AC-DC, 60-90W AC-DC

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