Scope of 2013 industrial automation exhibits

Industrial Automation ( Production and Process Automation )
Assembly and handling systems / linear positioning systems, industrial image processing systems, control systems , PLC, SCADA, sensors and actuators , industrial computer communications , networks and field bus systems , embedded systems, measuring and testing systems , industrial automation and data acquisition and identification systems , laser technology, automation services , technology and equipment Pneumatic
Electrical System

Transformers, batteries and uninterruptible power supplies, servo motor and drive , drive, mechanical drive systems , wire and cable accessories / electrical control systems for electrical switchgear and equipment, electrical and optical components , electrical power testing and inspection equipment

Industrial robots
Industrial robots Machine : welding robots , painting robots, palletizing robots, handling robots , assembly robots, Cartesian robots , industrial robots, robot other accessories : / Robot parts controllers, gear , servo motors, testing equipment, welding and cutting equipment , spraying equipment, transportation equipment , special wires and cables , sensors, software and other related

Machine Vision: black and white , color smart cameras, image compression / decompression board , color grabber, industrial camera, industrial camera , lighting systems, image processing systems, integrated machine vision systems, image processing software , accessories and ancillary products ; overall solution Scenario: robotic solutions , integrated solution , robotics workstations, smart lines and other
Industrial Automation IT & Software

Factory integrated management software, IT software industry , industrial base system and development tools , software factories , industrial Internet, LAN factory , the factory external LAN solution ,

Microsystems Technology
Micro- system components , modular micro systems, micro sensors , micro actuators, micro- optics and fiber optics, micro- assembly, micro- connection technology, micro-reactor design and modeling technology, micro systems , micro- engineering, rapid micro product development , AMD technology , other micro- system technology


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