Network security platforms (network hardware appliances) deliver industry-leading performance

IPCdevice network security hardware platforms deliver industry-leading performance, IO and dependability. Deploy your application on a IPCdevicenetwork appliance platform for best-in-class compatibility, service quality and long-term supply. all the network security plarforms are sost effective and compact platform for Internet Security, Email Server, Access Control, email Server and Media Gateway, Unified Threat Management, firewall, VPN, UTM, IPS,IDS, Access control, load balancing and traffic monitor system, gateway, server applications.

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Model NO. Motherboard RJ45/ GbEs Descriptions
IEC-516P-060E IEC-818N6V-060E Six GbEs/One group BYPASS IEC-516P-060E:D525 CPU/FSP 100W/IEC-818N6V-060E(V3.1)
IEC-516P-030E IEC-818N6V-030E Four GbEs/One group BYPASS IEC-516P-030E:D525 CPU/FSP 100W/IEC-818N6V-030E(V3.1)
IEC-516PM2-020E IEC-817N4V-020E Four GbEs/One group BYPASS IEC-516PM2-020ED525 CPU/FSP 60W/IEC-817N4V-020E(V1.1)
IEC-514P-EX-010E IEC-817N6X-010E Six GbEs/Two groups BYPASS IEC-514P-EX-010E:IEC-514P-EX/MQ1G 60W/IEC-817N6X-010E(V1.0)
IEC-516SH-030 IEC-810N6SH-030 Six GbEs/Two groups BYPASS IEC-516SH-030:IEC-516S-R10/IEC-810N6SH-030(H61 chipset)/FSP 250W
IEC-526SH-030 IEC-810N6SH-030 Six GbEs/Two groups BYPASS IEC-526SH-030:IEC-526S-R10/IEC-810N6SH-030(H61 chipset)/FSP 250W
IEC-516SC-030 IEC-810N6SC-030 Six GbEs/Two groups BYPASS IEC-516SC-030:IEC-516S-R10/IEC-810N6SC-030(C206 chipset)/FSP 250W
IEC-526SC-030 IEC-810N6SC-030 Six GbEs/Two groups BYPASS IEC-526SC-030:IEC-526S-R10/IEC-810N6SC-030(C206 chipset)/FSP 250W
IEC-517SC-010 IEC-810N2X-010
IEC-517S-010:IEC-517S-R10/IEC-810N2X-010(C206 chipset)/IEC-95T13/IEC-95T14/FSP 300W
IEC-527SC-010 IEC-810N2X-010
IEC-527S-010:IEC-527S-R10/IEC-810N2X-010(C206 chipset)/IEC-95T10/FSP 300W
IEC-528:IEC-528-EP/R2G-6350P Redundant power supply/MS-S0381/IEC-95T10
LAN card Chipset GbEs Descriptions
IEC-95NF2 W82583V 2 RJ45/2 SFP GbE COMBO IEC-95NF2(2 RJ45/2 SFP COMBO,PCB:V1.2)
IEC-94NF4-010 W82583V Four RJ45 GbEs IEC-94NF4-010(Intel GbE controllers,Four RJ45 GbEs ,PCB:V1.01)
IEC-94NF4-020 W82583V Four SFP GbEs IEC-94NF4-020(Intel GbE controllers,Four SFP GbEs,PCB:V1.01)
IEC-95N4-040 82580EB Four RJ45 GbEs IEC-95N4-040(4 RJ-45 GBE,Intel 82580EB GbE controllers V1.11 PCB)
IEC-95F4-040 82580EB Four SFP GbEs IEC-95F4-040(4 SFP GbEs,Intel 82580EBGbE controllers PCB:V1.22)
IEC-96NF2 82580EB Two RJ45+ Two SFP GbEs IEC-96NF2(82580EB chip, GbE controllers 2RJ45 and 2SFP GbE s PCB:V1.0)
IEC-95N8 82580EB Eight RJ45 GbEs IEC-95N8(Intel GbE controllers Eight RJ45 GbEs :V1.1 PCB)
IEC-95F8 82580EB Eight SFP GbEs IEC-95F8(Intel GbE controllers Eight SFP GbEs: V1.0 PCB)
IEC-95W2 82599ES Two 10G SFP IEC-95W2(2 10G SFP ports, Intel GbE controllers PCB:V1.0)

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