Note: Phased out PF old series replaced by DF series panel pc

IPCdevice's industrial panel pc IEC-612PF,IEC-615PF,IEC-617PF,IEC-619PF which are usually called PF series panel pc have been phased out. The series panel computer had been launched 3 years, applied to all kinds of industrial fields till now.

The features :

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor L7500 (4M Cache, 1.60 G, 800 MHz FSB)
Material:Aluminium magnesium Alloy(Better than Aluminium)
Resistive Touch screen
Wifi optional
NEMA4/IP65 compliant front panel
Meet standard VESA hole , support desktop stand / wall mount / swing arm mounting

However,The computer chipset and processor developes so quickly, and The newest cpu have been launched D525,N455 series, the performances is expanded to a new top.

To satisfy more industrial computer users and be applied in more industry. IPCdevice take the lead in lunching the next generation panel PC DF & NF series, They can support the newest chipset and cpu (D525 dual core cpu up to 1.8 gHZ) , and replaced DF series:IEC-612PF,IEC-615PF,IEC-617PF,IEC-619PF panel pc for more industrial applicaitons.

More specifications for DF series Panel PC, Please view . /panel_pc.html

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