Network Appliances list 8

  • NIC module based intel 82580EB controller

    NIC module based 82580EB GbE controller with four RJ-45


    LAN card based 82580EB GbE controller with four RJ-45PCIEx4 bus, Intel 82580EB gigabit ethernet controller, four RJ-45 portsSupports 2 channels BYPASS Intel I/O interface 3.0 version acceleration technology Supports 9.5KB packet Jumbo FrameSupports VMDQ1, Up to 8 virtual hosts per port DCA Directly access with high speed cache UDP, TCP and IP Checksum offload, ...

  • NIC module with Eight RJ-45 ports

    NIC Module with Intel 82580EB GbE controller eight RJ-45 ports


    Eight RJ-45 ports high performance NIC module, Based on Intel 82580EB GbEPCIe x8 bus, Dual Intel® 82580EB gigabit ethernet controller, 8x RJ-45 portsIntel® I/O interface 3.0 version acceleration technologyMaximum is to support 9.5KB packet Jumbo FrameSupports enhanced VMDq1, Up to 8 virtual hosts per portDCA Directly access with high speed cacheUDP, TCP ...

  • Network Appliance with Intel 3420 Chipset

    2u Network Security Appliance with motherboard based Intel 3420 Chipset


    2u Network security appliance based Intel 3420 Chipset, supports Intel Jasper Forest processors , with up to 18 glan ports: 4xRJ45 and 8xRJ45 and 2x10G SFP and 4 SFP.2u Rackmount Network Security hardware PlatformIntel Jasper Forest processorsIntel 3420 Chipset6 DDR-III DIMM at 800/1066/1333M, ECC-U-DIMM, Up to 192GB memoryIntel 82580 or 82599 Ethernet Chip4x ...

  • Network Security Appliance

    Network Security Appliance based 5000P chipset


    2u Rackmount Network Security Appliance with 4x SFP, 4x RJ-45, 4x SATA, 2x COM, 4x USB2.0., 1x PCI-X, 1x PCIEX16 . Support Intel Dual Intel FC-LG771 Dempsey/ Woodcrest/ Clovertown support 1066/1333 Mhz FSB Intel 5000P+632XESB Chipset 8x DDR2/677 FB DIMM, ECC RAM, Support dual channel up to 32Gb memory With Intel82571EB Chip for 4x Optical Interface ...

  • motherboard 32 GbE

    Industrial motherboard supports 4 nic module up to 32 GbE ports


    Industrial Network Security motherboard support LGA1155 Intel® Xeonand Core™ i3/i5/i7 CPU, Intel® C206/H61 chipset, DDR3, 2 PCIe GbE, USB2.0, SATA , CFII, PCIe, RoHS􀁺 CPU:Intel LGA1155 Socket H2 supports Intel® Xeon® / Core™i3/i5/i7 Dual/Quad core processor􀁺 System Chipset: Intel® C206/H61􀁺 ...

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