NIC moudel with 4 SFP GbE LAN ports


NIC moudel with 4 SFP GbE LAN ports

Country of Origin: China
OEM/ODM accepted

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4 SFP GbE LAN ports NIC moudel. Lan card.

  • Intel gigabit ethernet controller
  • 4x SFP GbE LAN ports
  • Maximum supports 9KB packet Jumbo Frame
  • Supports network wake-up function
  • Supports low power consumption power supply management in network non-working state
  • Supports WindowsXP/2003, Windows7, RedHat and SuSE Linux, Ubuntu, FreeBSD OS

  • Tags: NIC moudel,4 SFP,4 LAN ports,4 GbE LAN

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