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1U Rackmount Network Appliance with 6 GbE ports and 8 PoE
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1U Rackmount Network Appliance with 6 GbE ports and 8 PoE

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Country of Origin: China
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1U Rackmount Network Appliance with 6 onboard GbE ports + 8 PoE Gigabit switch prorts support 802.3af(PoE) & 802.3at(PoE plugs) standard


8 x PoE ports for wireless access points or IP cameras
High-port density with 6 x 1GbE RJ45 copper ports
Intel?Atom?D525 Dual-core, 1.8 GHz
Compliant with IEEE 802.3at PoE standard for up to 25W per port power supply
PoE configuration interface
Supports DDR3 memory up to 4G
1 console port, 1 management port, 2 x USB ports


IEC-513P 1u rackmount Network security appliance with 6 GbE ports and 8 PoE switch capability

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