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Rackmount Network Security Platform based on Intel Q57 chipset
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Rackmount Network Security Platform based on Intel Q57 chipset

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Network Security Platform based on Intel Q57 chipset, up to 6 RJ-45 glan ports and 4x SFP Glan ports,   1/2x lan bypass is optional.

1u Rackmount Network Security System.
Network Security Hardware Platform IEC-516Q

Support Intel Core I3/I5/I7,  LGA1156 
Intel Q57,  Intel 3450(Optional) 
4x DDR-III at 800/1066/1333 MHZ,  NON-ECC DIMM,  Up to 16GB 
Onboard Intel 82574L(82583V) gigabit ethernet chip 
2x PCIE8X,  1xPCI expansion slots 
Support DOM,  SATA,  CF Storage 
2x Lan BYPASS Function 
Support watchdog function

Construction Compact 19" 1u Rackmount Heavy-Duty Steel Chassis
CPU Support Intel Core I3/I5/I7, LGA1156
Chipset Intel Q57, Intel 3450(Optional)
System Memory 4x DDR-III at 800/1066/1333 MHZ, NON-ECC DIMM, Up to 16GB
Display Chip Intel GMA4500
Ethernet Chip Intel 82574L; 82580/82599(Optional)
I/O Chip IT8718F
Raid Raid 0 1 5 10
Watchdog Timer 255 Generates a time-out system reset
Dimensions(WxHxD) 430x44.5x400 mm
I/O Interface
IDE Interface 1x 44 Pin IDE Interface
SSD 1x CF Slot
SATA Interface 4x SATA Interfaces
LAN 1x 82574L(82583V) Gigabit Ethernet ports
USB Ports 2x USB2.0 Ports in Front Panel, 6x Built-in USB2.0 Ports
COM 1xCOM in Front Panel, 1x Built-in COM
Display Ports 1x VGA
Keyboard/Mouse 1x Built-in PS/2
PCI Expansion Slot 2x PCIE8X, 1xPCIX1
Oprerating Tempreture 0 °C to 60 °C
Storage Humidity 5% to 95%@ 40°C , on-condensing
Vibration 5-17Hz/1mm amplitude, 17-640Hz/1.5g acceleration
Shock 10G peak acceleration (11 msec. duration)
Safty FCC/VDE(Level A)
Operation System Support Microsoft, FreeSBD, Novell, Redhat, SCO, Linux
Optional Components
IEC-95N4 4x RJ-45 gigabit lan ports expansion card (with 2x bypass), 2x82580 Dual gigabit ethernet controller chip
IEC-95N6 6x RJ-45 gigabit lan ports expansion card (with 2x bypass)
IEC-95N8 8x RJ-45 gigabit lan ports expansion card (with 2x bypass), 2x82580 Dual gigabit ethernet controller chip

4x gigabit SFP ports expansion card(Optional)

IEC-95W2 2x 10G SFP ports expansion card(Optional)
IEC-95S8 8x gigabit SFP ports expansion card, 2x82580 Dual gigabit ethernet controller chip
IEC-95A 8: SASx 8(6G)
Ordering informations
Model No.
Ethernet controller
GbE RJ-45 (Ports)
LAN BYPASS( Segments)
Power supply


Intel82574L 6 2 FSP 250W
IEC-516Q-020 IEC-810N6Q Intel82574L 4 1 FSP 250W
IEC-516Q-030 IEC-810N6Q Intel82574L 6 N/A FSP 250W


Intel82574L 4 N/A FSP 250W

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