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2u Network Security Appliance based Intel 3420 Chipset
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2u Network Security Appliance based Intel 3420 Chipset

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2u Network security appliance based Intel 3420 Chipset, supports Intel Jasper Forest processors ,  with up to 18 glan ports: 4xRJ45 and 8xRJ45 and 2x10G SFP and 4 SFP.

2u Rackmount Network Security hardware Platform

System Construction Compact 19" 2u Rackmount Chassis CPU Support Intel Jasper Forest processors Chipset Intel 3420 BIOS AMI SPI BIOS System Memory 6 DDR-III at 800/1066/1333MHz, ECC-U-DIMM, Up to 192GB Display Chip
Intel GMA4500
Ethernet Chip Intel 82580 or 82599 I/O Chip IT8712F Chip LAN BYPASS 2x BYPASS Function Watchdog Timer 255 Generates a time-out system reset Dimensions(WxHxD) 440x88x500 mm I/O Interface IDE Interface No SSD 1x CF Slot SATA Interface 6x SATA Interfaces LAN 2x Built-in 82574L port USB Ports 2x USB2.0 Ports in Front Panel, 2x Built-in USB2.0 Ports COM 1x COM in Front Panel, 1x Built-in COM Display Ports 1x VGA Port Keyboard/Mouse Built-in PS/2 PCI Expansion Slot 4x PCIE8X, 1xPCIE4X Environmental Oprerating Tempreture 0 °C to 60 °C Storage Humidity 5% to 95%@ 40°C , on-condensing Vibration 5-17Hz/1mm amplitude, 17-640Hz/1.5g acceleration Shock 10G peak acceleration (11 msec. duration) Safty FCC/VDE(Level A) Operation System Support Microsoft, FreeSBD, Novell, Redhat, SCO, Linux Optional Components
  • 95N4 module/ 95S4 module/ 95W2 module/ 95N8 module/ 95S8 module / 95A8 module
Ordering informations IEC-528F
IEC-528F Chassis, IEC-828N8 Motherboard, 510W ATX Power Supply
IEC-95N4: 4 x RJ-45 gigabit lan ports expansion card (with 2x bypass), 2x82580 Dual gigabit ethernet controller chip
IEC-95S4: 4x gigabit SFP ports expansion card, 2x82580 Dual gigabit ethernet controller chip
IEC-95W2: 2x10G SFP ports expansion card, 1x82599 Dual gigabit ethernet controller chip
IEC-95S8: 8x gigabit SFP ports expansion card, 2x82580 Dual gigabit ethernet controller chip
IEC-95A8: SASx 8(6G)

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