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Max RAM capacity for Holl Network Appliances

HOll network appliances deliver industry-leading performance, IO and dependability. Deploy your application on a holl network appliance platform for best-in-class compatibility, service quality and long-term supply. Erp NO Height Model NO Description Ram Capacity/Max 2000514P20E100 1U IEC-514P-020E IEC-514P/FSP 100W/4 Intel GbE with 1 Channel BYPASS 4GB DDR3 20514PEX10E100 1U IEC-514P-EX-010E IEC-514P-EX/MQ1G 60W/6 Intel GbE with 2 Channel BYPASS 4GB DDR3 20514PEX30E100 1U IEC-514P-EX-030E IEC-514P-EX/MQ1G 60W/4 Intel GbE ...

3~32Gbe firewall hardware appliances support Linux fedora CentOS kernel2 Endian pfSense ubuntu applications

There are 3~32Gbe (RJ45 or SFP) firewall hardware appliances (1u or 2u height) for your choosing. which support Linux, fedora, CentOS, kernel2, Endian, pfSense, ubuntu, etc.Holl provides many firewall hardware appliance with rich GbEs ports for firewall, UTM, load balancing and traffic monitor system, Etc. We hope to help you looking for the best solutions for your requirement, we are one of  large network appliance manufacturer in china, specialized in RD and OEM, we have various of motherboard with different chipset and CPU(Such as Atom, i3, i5, i7, Xeon, etc.)  Intel Xeon/i3/i5/i7 X86 Network Appliance Hardware IEC-527S (2u height)   ...

Security appliances market grows to handle new network threats

Dubai: The enterprise security appliances market in the Middle East continues to expand in response to new threats and customer demands as companies look at evolving security solutions and new secure platforms on which to leverage these solutions, industry experts said. "The demand is strong in the region for CCTV and access control systems with business and enterprises as sophisticated cyber threats have increased, " Kevin Underwood, general manager of electronic systems solutions for G4S, UAE, told Gulf News. He said the advent of the "security appliance" is rooted in organisations' interest in benefiting from a "hardened" appliance implying it is less vulnerable ...

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