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Network appliances and Firewall hardware list

Firewall hardware,UTM Firewall VPN appliacne, acts as Firewall, Content Filter, UTM, VPN.

Holl industrial firewall products list below:

1u firewall chassis/case/appliance/platform: IEC-514,IEC-516,IEC-516p,IEC-516Q;

2u firewall case, chassis, platform, appliance: IEC-522,IEC-526,IEC-526Q,IEC-526Q,IEC-527,IEC-528,IEC-528F,IEC-528L

if you would like to get the e-catalog and price list of our firewall hardwares, please contact us!

Holl UTM Firewall VPN appliacnes, acts as Firewall, Content Filter, UTM, VPN, Intrusin Detection, Load Balancer, Web Cache, Anti virus, Anti spam. it is designed for SOHO/small/mid-size/Large enterprise networks looking for flexible deployment, granular control in security policy design and expandable features.Supporting to run Microsoft, FreeSBD, Novell, Redhat, SCO, Linux OS for UTM / Firewall / VPN applications.

The Firewall Appliance IEC-516P with the features: Intel PineView-D D425 Single-core / D525 Dual Core 1.8GHz and PineView-D + ICH8M Chipset, which offer high performance to built solid network. The standard features: 6x RJ-45, 2x RS232, 10x USB2.0, 1x PCI(Support 4-ports PCI NIC), 1xPCIEX1expansion slots, 2x LAN BYPASS

Holl provids all kinds of UTM Firewall VPN appliances satisfy enterprise ethernet requiments, and offer lots of advantages of services(Well and High Quality Control,Prompt Delivery,Customer's Designs and Logos are Welcome,Competitive Prices,ODM Accepted/OEM Accepted) to cooperate with you.

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