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Holl's hardware firewall platform

Holl is not only one of the large network firewall hardware devices manufacturer but also a leader that lasts to R&D network hardware appliance. Therefore,I decide to​ give main introductions about our advantages here.

As a RD,OEM manufacturer for network hardware firewall devices,​ Here are our advantages:
1. Holl is a large network appliance manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, certified ISO:9001:2008, with 4000 m2 factory and 5 sub-companys.
2. We cooperates with lots of well-known network development companies and​​ provides network appliances and firewall hardware for them all the time.
3. Our network appliance have been provided to a lots of  foreign countries. The 85% of hardware components are made by ourselves, including muti-LAN-port mainboard and chassis, so that the price are very competive.
4. The output is up to 10,000 pcs/month, and all our products validated by 3 test process to gurantee the best quality.

hardware firewallFirewall devices

So we are full confidence to cooperate with you, I hope you can comprehensively learn our company. and HOll's new platforms based on Intel latest chipsets have launched and been in hot selling. High quality and low price.
3 new hardware platforms are: Intel Pineview-D Platform,Intel Sandy Bridge Platform and Intel Romley platform.
# Holl's network security plarform Roadmap
# LAN card
# Pineview-D hardware platform
# IEC-516PM & IEC-516P system
# IEC-514P & IEC-516PM2
# Sandy Bridge hardware platform
# IEC-514SH & IEC-514SC & IEC-524S system
# IEC-516S & IEC-526S system
# Romley hardware platform
# IEC-528S system
Bluntly, We hope to cooperate with​ you in firewall hardware. I think we can establish long-term strategic cooperating relations for mutual benefit . We would keep touch with you and do our best to help you.

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