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How to Buy a UTM network Appliance

For soho and small business, with limited or no internal IT staff and modest budgets, the best solution to their network security needs is a unified threat management (UTM) security appliance. Why? Because these devices are very affordable, offer excellent protection, and require little or no technical expertise to install or maintain.

A UTM solution provides comprehensive protection to customers as it has tightly integrated security features that work together on a single appliance. UTMs typically include intrusion detection and prevention, gateway antivirus, e-mail spam filtering and Web content filtering, as well as a firewall.

This class of appliance makes it easy for organizations to manage their security because they only have to deal with one box and, generally, one source of support. Such an appliance solution is highly cost-effective as it offers a centralized console that enables monitoring of network security at remote locations.

Of course, not all appliances are created equal so do your homework.

The Vendor Landscape: IT Security Appliances report issued last year by Info-Tech Research Group, identified five vendors

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