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IEC-514,IEC-516,IEC-522,IEC-526,IEC-527, IEC-528L Phased out and replaced by the new network security appliance

Because of network chips of rapid developing, to satisfy more and higher network application's requirements. HOll lasts to upgrated network appliance all the time. Now, all the network hardware platform had update to the new version. they use latest chip and support latest higher performance CPU.

So, we remind all of our costomers, please pay attention to our new network appliance.

Please note: The below network appliance had phased out and replaced by our new network security appliance.

1u network security appliance: IEC-514, IEC-516(Phased out)
2u network security appliance: IEC-522, IEC-526, IEC-527, IEC-528L(Phased out)

Here are our newest network appliance:


IEC-516PM,IEC-516P,IEC-516H,IEC-516Q,1u network security appliance.
IEC-522F,IEC-526H,IEC-526Q,IEC-528,IEC-528F,2u network security appliance.

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Tags: IEC-514,IEC-516,IEC-522,IEC-526,IEC-527,IEC-528L

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